Chip List

Welcome to TREE SAFE’S Chip List! Sign up today to receive wood chips when unwanted loads become available in your area, delivered free of charge by our dedicated team. Please be aware that availability may vary and is not guaranteed.

Before receiving a wood chip delivery, please familiarize yourself with our chip drop policy, outlined below. This form must be completed before delivery and can be printed from our website or provided onsite upon delivery.

By signing this form, you acknowledge that wood chip loads may contain additional materials, such as leaves, which decompose over time. You also accept the size of wood rounds as they are without further cutting or relocating services from TreeSafe.

As our wood chip dump service is free, you agree not to hold TREE SAFE liable for any additional contents in the load, including insects, pests, fungi, etc. Additionally, you confirm that the location specified for the wood chip drop is on your property, indemnifying TREE SAFE from any liability related to trespassing or damages incurred.

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Looking for wood chips? Sign up and join our chip list today. When unwanted loads become available in your area, our team can deliver them free of charge. Availability is not guaranteed.

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