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Tree Removal

The TreeSafe team specializes in large hazardous tree removal and tree preservation. We use various methods to ensure safety and protection to you and your home.  Our goal is to provide a seamless process from start to finish. 

Aerial Advantage

With our 90' Omme Tracked Aerial Lift our team can go where others cannot allowing for safe trimming and removal in a productive and efficient manner.  Utilizing this piece of machinery allows our team to reach multiple trees from one setup location allowing for safety, speed, and efficiency. 

Crane Assisted Removal

Often, a crane is needed to safely assist with removal. Every scenario requires a different approach; therefore, our estimators will go over options in aticipation to help you decide which tactict best fits your budget. 

Roping and Rigging

We strive for a low-impact removal process, taking great care in respecting our surroundings.  Our skilled tree removal technicians work to ensure the protection of what's below, keeping the understory intact.  

By practicing special techniques such as zip-lining and negative rigging, we are able to provide a more cost-effective service and leave a lighter footprint.