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Tree Trimming
Safety Pruning

With time and age, trees need proper guidance and care.  When safety pruning a tree, we only utilize roping and rigging techniques.  Never using gaffs (also known as "spikes") that can be damaging to the cambium layer of tree and make way for insects to enter.  We recommend routine maintenace as needed over the years, in order to best promote optimal healthy growth and maintain a safe structure.  By lightening the load through selective tip reduciton, we can significantly reduce the odds of a tree toppling over in a storm.  As trees, especially Oaks, draw moisture up to their leaves, making them top-heavy and more succeptable to failure.  When the weight is distributed properly, the tree can thrive and last for years to come.  By safety pruning, we also remove any deadwood that can pose a great hazard to those below.  Removing any widowmakers, deceased or decaying pieces will allow the tree to focus on growth rather than on healing.

View Enhancement

Through the trees an unseen world awaits.  By selectively pruning or thinning unnecessary lowlying foliage, we can open a whole new vantage point for you to enjoy!  

Whether you are on the lake, river or seeking a more expansive view -- view enhancement can give you the dramatic change you are looking for.  It is a quick and efficient way to add to property value and impact your surroundings.  Our climbers are careful to remove selective foliage, while staying mindful of what is optimal for the overall health of tree and it's structure as it continues to grow in the coming years.  Our calculated cuts are made with efficiency to heal as nature intended - creating an effective way for you to enjoy extended views while protecting the integrity of your trees.  


Tree support systems are used to provide supplemental support to leaders and individual branches by limiting movement.  When a tree has a structural defect or condition that poses high risk of failure, which may result in injury or peroperty damage, a supplemental support system can sometimes reduce the risk.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the ISA's best management practices.  TreeSafe uses a specialized high strength fiber-type cable as an alternative to steel cable.  It is easy to splice and easily adjusted in the field.  It is a brown color so it will better blend in with the environment.  It is also adjustable over the years as the tree continues to grow.  We use special chafe sleeves to avoid abrasion and damage to the cambium layer.

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    our facebook page linkdin youtubeinstagram
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