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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!  Have a question that you don't see below?  

Call our office at 530.470.0996 and we would be more than happy to address any questions or concerns.

  1. Do you charge for an estimate?
    No, we provide estimates free of charge within our service area to the owner or legal representative of the trees. Visit our contact page or give us a call at 530.470.0996 to set up a time for one of our knowledgable team members to provide you with a quote.  back to top

  2. Do you have a Certified Arborist on staff?
    Yes, we have longstanding team member and ISA Certified Arborist Nick Ford on staff and available to provide arborist reports.  back to top

  3. Do you provide Arborist Reports?
    Yes, we can provide you with an Arborist Report at a $125.00 charge for the report/assessment itself. This is in addition to a port-to-port time charge of $60/per hour.   back to top

  4. Do you provide discounts?
    In order to provide the most reasonable prices to all of our clients, we are not able to provide discounted services.  back to top

  5. What are your rates?
    Since no tree is the same - every job commands a different set of demands. For this reason our rates are given on a per job basis. Contact us for a free estimate and learn how we may be able to work within your budget. We do have an established $500.00 job minimum.  back to top

  6. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
    Yes! State Contractor License Number: 954399. We are state licensed (C61-D49/C-27), bonded and fully insured including general liability and worker's compensation for all of our employees. We also carry automobile insurance for all drivers on all vehicles. A copy of our insurance certificate is provided with each estimate or available upon request.  back to top

  7. What forms of payment are accepted?
    Once the job is completed, there are many payment methods to suit your needs. Checks can be made payable to Tree Safe, we also accept Major Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express) and Paypal - in person, by phone or through website. An invoice can also be e-mailed to you with a secure payment link. Receipts are always issued for cash payments.  back to top

  8. Do you have wood chips available?
    Well do not always have wood chips readily available, we do keep a chip list so that when a load becomes available in your neighborhood -- we can contact you and deliver a load. There is no guarantee on if/when a load will become available. Please visit the following link to be added to our Chip List:  back to top

  9. How long until the job can be performed?
    Once accepted - our scheduling differs based on the time of year. We can typically can schedule you within 2 - 6 weeks. (Unless the job is hazardous or an emergency - in which case we act promptly.)   back to top

  10. Do you provide emergency services?
    Yes. Though availability is not guaranteed, we strive to be available in the event of a tree emergency. Please contact us at (530) 401-8090 at any time, day or night if you are facing an emergency situation.   back to top

  11. Will my lumber offset the cost of services?
    Depending on the size and condition of the wood, merchantable lumber can be exported in desirable lengths and taken to the mill. However, this typically only offsets the cost of exporting and transporting to the mill, saving you on hauling costs. In addition, it sometimes requires more time and skill to safely execute the cutting of desirable lengths. We do our best to maximize merchantable board feet, however the value is nominal in relation to overall cost and does not exceed the overall cost.   back to top

  12. Do you use "spikes" when climbing?
    We specialize in technical rope climbing - to further promote the health of your trees and transform them from the inside out. Gaffs can actually be damaging to the cambium layer of the tree an invite unwanted insects, which is why we only use them if a tree is being fully removed.  back to top

  13. I think I may have a Bark Beetle infestation, what now?
    Currently, California is facing an extreme outbreak of Bark Beetles which are deteriorating our treasured Sierra Nevada Forests. In the wake of drought, trees are weakened and more susceptible to falling victim to beetle. Eradication of infestation is the most optimal defense in preventing the spread. We recommend that all materials of Bark Beetle trees (brush and wood) be haul off-site and disposed of properly. Larvae can be easily spread and once a tree is facing an infestation, it almost surely will reach it's demise. Once a tree has been destroyed, the beetles will quickly move on to their next victim and so on. For more information, please visit our page:  back to top