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     See what our customers are saying!  Below, you will find an accumulatin of reviews from our satisified tree care customers!  Click HERE to view video testimonials!


     "We couldn't have been more pleased with the service that we received from Tree Safe.  Brian guided us through the details and suggestions about how to make our home safe through the removal and pruning of our Oak trees.  Communication was excellent and the company responded promptly to all of our questions.  The crew worked safely, efficiently, and were a pleasure to be around.  We felt confident in their expertise and highly recommend Tree Safe."

          -- Debra and Bill J.  04/2018

     "At 2:00 am, November 22, 2016, our 310ft Pine tree was yanked from the ground and landed on our property/across Deer Creek.  When Winter was gone, I started looking for a company that could handle our huge tree. We had to get it out of the creek and off our property. We were then in the process of putting our house on the market.  A friend of mine, who is in the business like Tree Safe, recommended me to call Tree Safe. I called them, they sent out a person within 20 minutes to take a look. He said “it is doable”. That was all I needed.  Now many months later, the tree is gone, my yard looks great, all done in about a week. No mess, no fuss, great work.  the success was the right equipment, right personnel and great supervision. Every one at Tree Safe knew what they had to do to complete the job.  If you have a small job, or a huge job like mine, call Tree Safe."

          -- Harlow R.  10/12/2017

     "An amazing and hardworking crew under the expert leadership of owner Brian Bixler... we couldn't have asked for anyhting better!  We had to have three very large (dangerous) oaks removed that were close to our home.  They arrived 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.  The crew introduced themselves and were curteous and friendly.  They worked pretty much nonstop in horrendous heat!  It was amazing to watch what appeared to be a very well choreographed effort between the climbers and the ground crew!  When all was done, they left the wood we were keeping neatly grouped by size, the small branches and leaves were chipped and loaded (we had decided not to keep the chips) and the yard was raked.  We can highly recommend this company without hesitation... you won't be dissapointed!"

          -- Jan S.   7/6/2015

     "Honesty, love and integrity.  That is what TreeSafe is building their business on.  And to them, the statement is not just words.  We had a beloved 100 year old black walnut tree die between our home and guest house that had to come out.  Yes, there was our main electrical line    running through the tree as well... We watched the videos on Bixler's great website, checked that they were insured and licensed before we gave them a call.  They were so sensitive to our beloved tree.  They cut it into slabs with thei Alaskan mill to ensure our tree would continue to provide beauty for the next 100 years.  They left our property immaculate.  They loved our dogs and were a wholesome and proffesional crew.  I will not even look at hiring anyone else.  I am filled with gratitude for a job well done.  This is a company who did everything they said they would do."

          -- Deby W.   9/24/2012 

     "We had two 70+ digger pines within a few feet of our garage.  They came out and gave a bid that was very reasonable (we got a total of 6 bids from different tree companies).  Brian followed up with an email containing their workers comp and liability insurance.  They showed up on time with a crew of 5 guys.  They did an amazing job cutting the tree into  sections and lowering each section down.  They were polite and respectful and very professional.  I stayed home to watch and was really ipmressed with their work.  I highly recommend them and will be using them in the future."

          -- HP.   12/2/2015

   "These guys are amazing.  It's obvious they enjoy doing what they do.  The entire team was professional and polite while demonstrating extraordinary skills - all for a fair market price.  I will definitely be usin ghtem in the future and have already recommened them to my neighbors."

           -- Scott K. 7/3/2014

     "We have 50 acres with TOO much MISTLETOE in our otherwise gorgeous oaks.  Brian and his crew worked on about 25 trees - some small, some enormous.  They were prompt, remarkably quick, knowledgable, extremely safe, and fascinating to watch.  A rock-climber friend was very impressed with all the safety features they employed.  I'm grateful for the job well done and will call Brian again without hesitation for future tree care needs."

          -- Johanna B.  1/6/2016

     "Outstanding crew, good natured, professional, fast and clean.  Fully insured, competitive pricing, as their web site shows and explains much better than the other services I contacted to get quotes from, or was contracted with to perform the tree services I needed.  Brian, Ashlee, you are truly doing it right!  Keep up the good, honest and legitimate work!"

          -- Paul P.   01/2015

     "Brian Bixler and crew did a great job working on our property & were congenial.  Brian is an amazing tree acrobat with safety first as his mantra.  A dangerous tree removal of an old Oak with a rotted base that was in front of our home & the pruning of dead limbs from other oaks & one Oak that grows through our back deck with limbs over our roof.  All work was performed meticulously.  We highly recommend Bixler Tree for any tree or brush work you may have.  Did I mention they have very reasonable rates.  Give them a call for a bid on your job & you will see!"

          --Lorraine S.   03/2011

     "I reached Brian at 470-0996 in FEB 2012, Ashlee answered the phone; she was informed, professional, and coreous.  Our trees were dead and breaking and a storm was coming.  Brian was able to respond quickly, he showed up 15 min early with an experienced and willing helper.  My neighbor, an unusually experienced forester,(you know the type, the guys who still sharpen their own chains) came to observe.  He was very impressed and in fact broke through hus gruff exterior to show glee (yes really, I had to look twice before I believed my eyes) at seeing everything done correctly by the "youngsters".  Priceless.  Fast, efficient, clean, well equipped (all stihl), calm and in control, safe and communicative.  Gentlemanly even.  We only had them fall trees; no chipping or clean up.  When they were done all the longest logs were on shorter logs for ease of cutting and all the branches were neatly piled together.  My neighbor hired them also.  Also, the best thing for me was: they love trees."

          --GAIL K.   03/3/2012

     "They earned all 5 stars for the job at our house in Loomis.  The crew arrived right on time and were very poilite, careful and thorough.  We had 3 trees removed and 1 large oak trimmed extensively.  The biggest part of the job was a cottonwood tree over 65 feet tall that they took down like experts.  They had to trek all of the cut wood from our backyard to the front driveway so they could put it in the chipper, but they got it all done in a single day.  The crew did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves and we were very pleased.  I have used them in the past and I would definitely use them without hesitation in the future.  I even referred them to our next door neighbor already."

          --Teresa f.   10/9/2015

     "I kept putting off having my trees trimmed until one of my oak trees fell over one night.  It fell into adjacent trees causing all of them to land on my neighbor's house.  It didn't fall because of wind or rain and although it had been leaning, you could not tell it was close to falling just by looking at it.  These trees fell on a cool summer night, sometime after midnight when we were sleeping.  I looked at local ads for landscapers and tree trimmers and one firm preominently stood out above the rest:  Bixler Tree... locally-owned and licensed.  I visited his website and saw photos and videos and got a lot more information.  Then it was an easy decision for me to choose Bixler Tree.  Brian and his crew came out the next day and cleared out the damaged trees and removed the branches that fell on my neighbor's roof.  Because most of the other oak and pine trees on my property need pruning, I got an estimate from Brian to trim them back to health.  Brian's rates were very reasonable so I gave him the go-ahead to do all my trees.  I would have never been able to do this job myself.  Brian had to climb several of the trees to cut and trim them correctly.  I wish you could see how Brian and crew transformed my property from overgrown jungle into my own private park.  Not only does everything look great now, I have the "definsable space" needed to protect my home in case of a fire.  Having Brian trim my trees was a good decision for me.  I feel the money spent went directly into raising the value of my home."

          --KEN E.   07/7/2011



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